Foot Orthotics

mass4d foot orthotics

A custom orthotic is an insole inserted into a shoe. As a biomechanical and medical appliance, they are custom-made to fix a certain problem in your foot. Custom orthotics are designed to restore the proper anatomical alignment of your foot and ankle and to the rest of your lower extremities.

Your feet are your body’s foundation and it is essential to ensure that your feet have the correct positioning in order to prevent pain and injuries. Mass4D are custom made insoles that offer support in the places that you need while still respecting that natural movements of the foot. At Scandinavian Physiotherapy we are certified to do the assessment and fitting of the mass4D foot orthotics in Dubai.

Through Mass4D, we at Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center offer our patients a truly custom and evidence-based foot orthotics in Dubai, that provides, not just passive support, but corrective support during wear. Our foot orthotics product helps treat and manage foot complaints, providing post-surgery rehabilitation and preventing further foot injuries.