Ergonomics | Physiotherapy Clinic in Dubai


What is it?

According to theĀ World Health Organization, 1/3 of health-related absences are due to musculoskeletal disorders. Back pain accounts for 60% of these injuries, followed by neck pain and wrist pain.

If your work involves sitting at a desk, discomfort doesn’t have to be part of the job. With the help of our onsite Office Ergonomics Training, we will show you how you can adjust your workspace and manage your habits in order to improve productivity and reduce work-related injuries.

Employer Advantages

This training helps to lower down:

  • Medical Expenses

  • Liabilities

  • Workplace Accidents

And will result in:

  • Reduced Sick Days

  • Higher Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Employee Advantages

  • Less fatigues, anxiety and more focus, productivity, and calmness at the end of a work day

  • Less pain in the spine and/or joints

  • Better posture

  • Less risk of injury outside the office

  • Less headaches

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