Kinesio Tape | Physiotherapy Clinic in Dubai

Taping is a technique used to enhance muscular/joint activity

Kinesiotaping / Myofascial Taping

What is it?

Kinesiotaping or myofascial taping involves the application of adhesive tape called Kinesiotape (the colored tape you often see sportspeople wearing!) to facilitate pain relief, improve muscle/joint activity and swelling management.
The tape is not medicated and so is safe to use in most conditions, except where the patient has sensitive skin, allergies or loss of sensation to the area.

What can I expect?

  • Application of a stretchy tape to the painful area

  • A sensation of awareness in the area

  • Sometimes immediate improvement in pain & muscle relaxation

  • A feeling of support in the area

  • Sometimes, if you have sensitive skin, it can feel a little itchy or red, in which case you should remove & wash the area

Potential Benefits

  • Pain relief

  • Improved muscle relaxation

  • Support for overworked, tense muscles

  • Improved muscle activation

  • Improved function of a muscle/joint as a result of the feedback from the K-tape