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Meet Our Team

Henrik Theo Lind

After graduating from Aarhus School of Physiotherapy in 2000, I have always been striving to be in the leading field...

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Rim El Sammaa-aru

After graduating from Copenhagen, School of Physiotherapy in 1995, I have been passionate by the strength...

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Felix Bieker

I used to play handball in Germany for years but unfortunately had to deal with injuries from time to time...

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Vera Maier

After my graduation, I always wanted to refine my skills and this has led me to several Post-graduate courses...

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Omar Moustafa

I have always been amazed on how our body works. My interest started when I was practicing athletics...

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Madalina Fratian

I have graduated from my Master’s Degree studies in 2013 with the main focus on helping...

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Andrea Ferrari

I have always been fascinated by how human bodies work and in helping people to achieve...

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Janne Dahlmann

I have always been very dedicated to the human body and the never-ending learning and development to explore and...

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Jessa Vicente

Joined Scanphys March 2016
Administrative Manager

Nyna David

Joined Scanphys June 2018
Administrative Staff

Kaydee Garcia

Joined Scanphys July 2020
Administrative Staff

Chinnie Ladua

Joined Scanphys February 2021
Administrative Staff

Valerie De Silva

Joined Scanphys May 2021
Administrative Staff

Jan Terry Penton

Joined Scanphys September 2021
Administrative Staff