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rim 2 2

Rim El Sammaa-aru

After graduating from Copenhagen, School of Physiotherapy in 1995, I have been passionate by the strength...

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vera 2

Vera Maier

After my graduation, I always wanted to refine my skills and this has led me to several Post-graduate courses...

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madalina 2

Madalina Fratian

I have graduated from my Master’s Degree studies in 2013 with the main focus on helping...

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theo 2

Henrik Theo Lind

After graduating from Aarhus School of Physiotherapy in 2000, I have always been striving to be in the leading field...

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janne 2 1

Janne Dahlmann

I have always been very dedicated to the human body and the never-ending learning and development to explore and...

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kristina 2 1

Kristina Katavic

Began my physiotherapy education in high school as a physiotherapy technician and...

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pavle 2

Pavle Dukanovic

After my graduation, I attended several post graduate courses aiming to always improve and refine my skills in order...

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Martha Makrypoulia

After earning my Bachelor’s, I have dedicated myself to expanding my knowledge in the field of physiotherapy by starting...

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jessa 2

Jessa Vicente

Joined Scanphys March 2016
Administrative Manager

nyna 2 1

Nyna David

Joined Scanphys June 2018
Administrative Supervisor

kaydee 2

Kaydee Garcia

Joined Scanphys July 2020
Administrative Staff

chinnie 2

Chinnie Ladua

Joined Scanphys February 2021
Administrative Staff

valerie 2

Valerie De Silva

Joined Scanphys May 2021
Administrative Staff

john 2

Jan Terry Penton

Joined Scanphys September 2021
Administrative Staff