Pilates - Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center, Dubai


What is it?

Pilates is a series of low impact exercises that focuses on core strengthening and body awareness since it could be the perfect way to connect your mind with the body. It combines Controlled movement with deep breathing techniques to improve core stability and muscle tone. It is a full body holistic approach designed to train, not only isolate large group muscles but also the entire body with alignment, flow sequence, balance muscularity to create a natural result.



Pilates is beneficial for all ages, fitness levels, dancers, and young athletes. The general public practices pilates for orthopedic issues such as: low back and neck pain, shoulder and knee pain or even for post- acute rehabilitation programs. Pilates Pre/Post natal is also beneficial for women before delivery to prepare themselves for the labor and after the delivery in order to get back to their daily routine. Furthermore, Pilates is beneficial for cases such as diastasis recti (60% women they experience this) or incontinence in combination with pelvic floor rehabilitation.

Depending on your physical ability, level of fitness and your desired goal there are multiple ways to adjust the session according to your needs.

Structure of the session

The session usually is a holistic approach, each time you train the entire body with modifications if needed. However, it could target specific areas such as:  core & upper body, core & lower body.


1st session: Introducing of breathing technique, principles of pilates and basic movements

2nd session:  Practicing of breathing, controlling of the movement, introducing pitates series ( 5 abs exercises )

3rd session: expand Pilates series with more complex movements including lower & upper body simultaneously

4th session: Yet the difference is not quite notable. Teaching more Mat exercises combined with movements focused on flexibility.

5th session: After 4 sessions you feel the difference in your body. Your posture, core strength & stability have been improved and gradually your muscle tone too.

10th – 15th session: You reach the first target ( depending on your needs). Then, you proceed to the next level to more advanced exercises. You can start using the pilates equipment with minimal loading.

20th session : Almost close to achieving your goals but still consistency is the key for optimal loading.