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    Sports Rehabilitation & Return to Play

    This involves the process of guiding an individual or athlete through their rehabilitation and deciding whether or not they are ready to return to participation in their desired sport.
    Sport rehabilitation ultimately begins with reducing pain swelling and dysfunction. This can either be conservative or post-surgical. Often your physiotherapist will treat your condition with manual techniques, but also formulating an individualised strength & conditioning program.
    Once you have reached certain targets within your rehabilitation your physiotherapist will then start to incorporate some sports specific drills into your training programme, followed by gradual return to play when deemed fit.

    Common sports injuries we treat include:

    – ACL reconstruction
    – Rotator cuff tendinopathy / Repair
    – Shoulder impingement syndrome
    – Muscle strain / tears

    – Ligament sprain / tears
    – Patellofemoral pain
    – Patellar tendinopathy

    – Achilles Tendinopathy
    – Fracture / Dislocation
    – Tennis Elbow