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    Pediatric physiotherapy

    Pediatric physiotherapy is for ALL children. Through a thorough assessment, the child’s strengths and difficulties are found. Together with the child and their family, goals and objectives are set for the treatment plan. Physiotherapy treatment can, amongst other things, help the child to improve their balance and coordination, their body awareness and their ability to play and explore.

    Pediatric physiotherapy can help the following children:

    • Children that merely need a little help with their gross motor skills.
    • Children with disabilities (i.e. Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Autism)
    • Children with orthopedic problems.
    • Children with developmental delay.
    • Children with Sensory Integration difficulties.
    • Children with sports injuries, headaches, back problems.
    • Pediatric physiotherapy can also give you ideas for fun activities to do at home with your children to stimulate their gross motor skills.