How and why to stay active during the hot season? - Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center, Dubai

How and why to stay active during the hot season?

July 23, 2023

hot season

Summer holidays and hopefully some good relaxing times are right around the corner for most of us very shortly.

This is a time to recharge and enjoy a different scenery. Taste some exciting new cuisines and explore new countries and regions. This is all well deserved and we all need that, no doubt.

As your physiotherapist we would just like to remind you as well to look after your bodies and don’t let these couple of weeks or months be a complete downward spiral of laziness.

The body adapts within a few weeks to the lack of physical routine you might get into, and if you completely slack off for a month or more, getting back to your healthy habits might prove more difficult than you think. The reason is two-fold, your body has physically adapted to being non-productive and secondly you risk creating  a new habit, the habit of not being active.

I hope this message is received the way it was intended, a little gentle reminder to stay on course, find some physical activities you enjoy while on vacation, so the transition  back to your healthy routines after summer doesn’t get to challenging.

Enjoy your well deserved break and see you later.