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Tension Headaches – your physiotherapist may be able to help you

August 9, 2017

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Reaching for those painkillers again because your head is pounding? Perhaps medication is not the best solution or simply not helping you – all depending on the cause of your headache.

Tension headaches are the most common type of headaches – the one that feels like a constant ache – typically affecting both sides of your head and often feeling like a tight band is around your head. They usually last between 30 minutes to several hours but can continue for days. The exact cause is unknown, but triggers for this type of headache are often stress, poor posture, not eating properly or dehydration. Tension headaches can easily be managed either with over the counter painkillers and lifestyle changes. Your physiotherapist can also help with manual techniques to reduce muscle tension and stress.

There are other less common types and causes of headaches, but mutual for all types of headaches is that our muscles tense up because of the pain and discomfort. This is for sure something a physiotherapist can help you manage. He/she may also guide you, if your headache symptoms need a doctors assessment.