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What You Can Do To Avoid Shin Splint Injuries

December 26, 2022

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Shin splints or medial tibial stress syndrome is caused by the stress on your shinbone and the connective tissues that attach muscles to your bones. This is a common injury caused by overuse and repetitive motion. Athletes usually suffer from this injury due to the strenuous physical activities they perform every day.

If you feel any pain and discomfort, visiting a physio or medical specialist can help you determine the cause. Patients suffering from shin splints don’t usually require treatment and are advised to rest and use ice on their injury. It will resolve after some time and the patient can return to their activities without issues. However, if left untreated, shin splints may develop into a tibial stress fracture which will require extensive treatment and possibly sports injury rehabilitation, depending on the severity of the injury.

How to treat and avoid shin splints


Your body’s reaction is a good indicator of your current condition, especially when performing physical activities. When you feel pain or discomfort, or you sustained a mild injury, take a break from sports, running, and other physically demanding activities to give your muscles and bones a chance to recover.

Wear supportive shoes and shoe inserts

If you have flat feet, using shoe inserts (orthotics) will provide support for your arches and reduce stress on the muscles and bones in your lower legs. You also need to wear shoes that are appropriate for the activities you are performing. For example, use supportive shoes when exercising and change running shoes after 300 miles. These things may seem too much, but they can save you from another trip to a sports injury clinic.

Physical therapy

There have been misconceptions that sports therapy Dubai is only designed to treat injuries. However, this is not always the case as physical therapy programs are developed for different purposes. Some programs are designed to prevent injury, while others are made to improve an individual’s performance. Physical therapy programs often include a combination of exercises and massages, such as deep tissue massage Dubai, that are meant to provide stress relief and alleviate pain.

Whether you need treatment for shin splints or need advice on injury rehabilitation, consider booking an appointment with one of the specialists from Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center DMCC for a consultation.

Our specialists offer a range of treatment plans that are designed to aid your current condition. Feel free to visit one of our clinics for a consultation or book an appointment for a sports massage or therapy session.