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What is Joint Manipulation and How Can It Ease Your Pain

July 19, 2021

It’s surprising how a lot of people still believe that you can only suffer from joint and muscle pain from doing too much physical activity, but did you know that the lack of physical activity can also cause you body pains or worse suffer from muscle and joint injury?

While it seems more comfortable to just sit or lie on the bed while reading a book or watching a show, doing some physical activity every day is highly recommended to avoid injury. If you start experiencing any kind of discomfort you may try a range of joint manipulation techniques and exercises to alleviate joint pain.

What is joint manipulation?

Joint manipulation is one of the most common practices for relieving pain and providing patients with a better range of motion or ROM. It is also known as manual therapy and is often used by healthcare professionals and physiotherapists to reduce pain and restore/ improve the patient’s range of motion, allowing better movement and improving their quality of life.

Joint manipulation vs Joint mobilization

You may be wondering about which is better, joint manipulation vs joint mobilization since these two are always compared. The answer is, it depends on what kind of injury or discomfort you’re feeling. While these two are always compared, licensed therapists and healthcare professionals often used these together or simultaneously when treating patients.

Joint manipulation is often done by performing a swift thrust to the joint to provide immediate relief. On the other hand, joint mobilization is a slower manual therapy technique where a physiotherapist tries to relieve joint stiffness by slowly moving the joints in a specific direction. If the stiffness or pains persists, then joint manipulation will be added as part of the treatment to aid the patient’s recovery.

Both methods are often used by professionals when doing physical therapy for back pain which is often caused by muscle/joint strain. Although as mentioned above, it is generally just a part of the treatment program to provide immediate relief and provide better ROM, it is highly recommended for patients to visit physiotherapy clinics Dubai for a proper diagnosis before doing any physiotherapy exercises.

Whether you’re feeling any discomfort in your joints or you feel that your range of motion has been reduced, you may always seek the help of a physiotherapist for a proper diagnosis. Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center DMCC offers a range of treatment plans that are best suited to the specific needs of our clients. You may visit our clinic for consultation or book an appointment for joint manipulation.