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What Do Sports and Exercise Physiotherapists Do

January 8, 2020

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Whether you are engaged in sports or you simply want to exercise your body, sports physiotherapy could do a lot for you. If you are wondering how they can help, read on to learn more.

What is a sports physiotherapist?

Sports physiotherapy is a special branch of physiotherapy that particularly deals with the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of injuries and problems related to sports.

As you may have noticed, athletes have different needs compared to the average person. Athletes are engaged in a high level of physical performance, which puts a lot of stress on their joints, bones, and muscles. As a result, athletes are particularly prone to developing injuries and therefore need special attention from healthcare professionals such as a sports physiotherapist.

What does a sports physiotherapist do?

There are a lot of things sports physiotherapist can do. Since they have knowledge of the latest evidence-based practices and research in the management of sports-related issues, they are competent to help you.

The most common intervention a sports physiotherapist performs is sports injury management. Sports injury clinic Dubai service providers can help in reducing pain, preventing further damage to the tissue, and decreasing recovery time from injuries.

In addition to injury management, sports physiotherapy involves in helping athletes stay healthy. After recovering from injuries and complete sports rehabilitation, physiotherapists assist patients to return to their optimum level of function if not better.

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Sports physiotherapy also believes in; “prevention is better than cure”. Thus, more than anything else, they help athletes avoid even minor injuries.

The way to achieve this is by teaching patients proper body mechanics. By educating patients on how to properly perform exercises, lift weights, maintain good posture, and move the body, therapists are able to reduce the risk of injury.

The main goal of sports therapy is not simply to prevent and manage injuries, but also to help patients improve their athletic performance. For this reason, therapists use various physiotherapy techniques to keep the body in top shape. This includes developing sports-specific exercise programs, doing deep tissue sports massage in Dubai, performing cold and hot compress for muscle soreness, and many others.

Other roles of sports physiotherapists

While sports therapists primarily work with athletes to help them perform better in their chosen field, there are also other things they do.

For one, sports physiotherapists are highly committed to improving the service they provide. For this reason, some sports physiotherapists participate in studies and conduct researches. This may involve studying a particular sport and/or athlete(s).

After research, physiotherapists take part in the dissemination of newly acquired knowledge and are sharing best practices. They do this not just within the field of physiotherapy but also share it with other healthcare members.

Finding the right sports physiotherapist

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