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Ways to Improve Your Posture

June 25, 2021

Developing one’s strength, flexibility, and balance are only a few of the benefits of good posture. Bad posture, on the other hand, is often the cause of shoulder and back pain, as well as other conditions that may compromise one’s range of motion or worse cause irreversible damage to the spine. Hence, immediate posture correction is highly recommended to avoid experiencing such discomfort and injury.

If you have been suffering from bad posture for a long time or you have other medical conditions that may be affecting your posture, you may need to visit a physiotherapy clinic and seek the help of professionals to improve your posture. Depending on your condition, you may be required to undergo manual therapy treatment with the help of a licensed physical therapist.

However, if you are only starting to develop bad posture, there are several ways to improve your posture by doing simple activities you can perform without needing much guidance from a professional.

Exercise regularly
Regular exercise can contribute a lot in improving one’s posture. There are some misconceptions that you need to perform a high-level workout in order to improve your posture, which ends up scaring off everyone who wants to try. However, if you’re not used to working out, doing simple activities such as brisk walking or jogging 10 minutes every day will help improve your posture as it keeps your body active.

Once you’re used to daily exercises, you can try adding a variety of stretching and corrective exercises to improve flexibility and strength of your muscles and joints. Yoga exercises are also good for postural training as it increases your awareness of your body.

Stay active
Whether you’re at home or in the office, it’s best to move around every now and then and avoid sitting for a long time. If you’re working in the office and are prone to sitting for long hours, make sure that you’re sitting straight with your back, thighs, hips fully supported by your chair. Switch positions regularly or stand whenever you can. When you’re at home, try doing some activities that promote joint mobilization and following basic ergonomic principles while doing your day-to-day tasks.

Maintain a healthy weight
It may seem insignificant to many, but excessive weight can weaken your abdominal muscles. This may damage your spine and make you more prone to slouching and developing bad posture. Eat a balanced diet to keep your muscles, bones, and joints healthy.

Whether you’re suffering from bad posture or experiencing discomfort caused by injury, Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center DMCC offers a range of treatment plans that are tailored to your needs. You may visit our clinic for a consultation or book an appointment for therapy sessions.