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Unraveling Muscular Knots: Deep Tissue Massage for Muscle Tightness and Tension

July 3, 2023

How can you GET RID of muscle knots

Muscle knots are painful or tender spots in a muscle. While it is easy to conclude that the pain is caused by a twisted muscle, this is not the case for muscle knots. These knots are actually a type of spasm that causes a muscle or a group of muscles to tense up. Having these will make you feel tight and sore. They usually occur in the upper back or legs. Although they are not usually harmful, they can certainly cause discomfort and in some cases, they are an indicator of chronic pain.

Muscle knots are usually caused by dehydration, inadequate sleep, bad posture, stress and anxiety, prolonged sitting, and muscle overuse. If you are unsure of what’s causing the pain and discomfort in your upper back or legs, it is highly recommended that you see a specialist or physical therapist as soon as possible.

How can you get rid of muscle knots?

When you visit some of the best physiotherapist in Dubai, they will provide you with a treatment program based on your current condition and the cause of your muscle knots. This treatment usually involves physical therapy, exercises, and medication to address the cause and prevent further injury.

In some cases, specialists might recommend deep tissue massage. This type of massage involves slow strokes, direct pressure or friction movements that go across the muscle grain and targets chronic tension in muscles that lie far below the body’s surface. Unlike traditional massages which are meant for relaxation, deep tissue massage is meant to address a specific concern such as chronic pain, recovery (from an injury), or limited mobility.

If you are experiencing discomfort, tense muscles, or pain in your upper back, feel free to contact our specialists for consultation and treatment. Our specialists at Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center DMCC offer a range of treatment plans tailored to your needs (considering any existing medical conditions). You can visit one of our clinics for a consultation or book an appointment for a sports massage, deep tissue massage, or therapy session.