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Sports Medicine Physical Therapy: What to Expect

What to expect when a Sports Medicine PT

August 18, 2022

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There are different types of physical therapy that are originally developed to treat certain conditions. However, this does not mean that each type can only be used for a specific condition. For example, sports massage in Dubai is also offered for non-athletes who need help in recovering from an injury.

What is Sports Medicine Physical Therapy?

Sports medicine physical therapy (PT) is a type of PT designed to not only assist athletes, weekend warriors, and other patients in recovering from an injury, but it is also a good measure for injury prevention. Sports therapist Dubai has a background in athletic training and may have other specializations as they are qualified to make a wide array of sports-related diagnoses and provide the appropriate treatment to meet the sport-specific needs of an athlete.

What to expect when a Sports Medicine PT


No matter what condition you may have, the first step for sports medicine PT (and most health checks) is an assessment of your current situation.

During this stage, a licensed physical therapist or sports massage therapist will ask for details about your injury or condition. They may inquire about any pain you are experiencing or if there are any limitations you have while playing sports or doing routine tasks. They may also discuss your performance levels and the goals you wish to achieve through the therapy.

After the discussion, you will undergo a thorough examination. The therapist usually assesses your range of motion, strength, and overall mechanics while performing sports-specific movements like running or jumping. In some cases, special tests may also be performed to help the PT to make a more accurate diagnosis.


The first phase of the therapy involves various treatments designed to reduce pain, inflammation, or swelling. Modalities that provide compression and help to decrease your pain are often used at this stage. Depending on the patient’s condition, gentle stretching and mobility techniques focused on restoring your range of motion and light muscle activation exercises are also recommended.

The next phase focuses on building strength and improving your overall balance. If you are undergoing PT to prevent an injury instead of treating one, this will be your starting phase. Your therapist will teach you how to properly execute some movements to avoid putting too much stress on the injured area or other parts of the body to prevent injury.

The last phase involves sport-specific drills, exercises, and (sometimes) sports massage Dubai Marina. Once you reach this phase; your therapist will examine your mechanics as you replicate or perform certain movements needed in your specific sport. Your therapist may recommend other exercises or methods to help you improve your overall endurance and design a personalized return-to-sport schedule based on your current performance or condition. Once the therapy ends, you will be cleared to return to your desired activity. You may also be given an exercise program that you must perform at home. In some cases, sports massage Dubai JLT is also recommended to help you relax and relieve muscle tension.

If you need to visit a clinic to book an appointment for physiotherapy after recovering from an injury or you wish to consult with a specialist about chronic back and shoulder pain or discomfort, Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center DMCC offers a range of treatments plans that are tailored to your needs. You may visit one of our clinics for a consultation or book an appointment for therapy sessions.