Signs your body is telling you need to visit a physio now

January 23, 2020

Do you know that there are certain signs your body might be telling you to see a Dubai physiotherapist? It is crucial to recognize these indicators early on, to avoid further worsening of your condition.

In this post, let me share with you some of the important signs that you should watch out for to ensure you stay healthy.

You don’t feel as flexible as you were before

When we were younger, a lot of us pride ourselves on being able to touch our toes. Some are able to do a split or can easily scratch any part of their back. However, due to aging or lack of physical activities, your level of flexibility might have been compromised. Thankfully, a physiotherapist can help.

Dubai physiotherapy services include assessing how flexible your body is. Physiotherapists provide a series of exercises and various interventions to restore the flexibility of your muscles and joints.

You feel you have become weak

You used to lift a 50 lb barbell. You were able to run 1 km under five minutes. You could climb up five flights and not lose your breath. But now, it seems those days are gone. If you need to improve your body’s strength and endurance, physiotherapy can help. With a solid knowledge of the body’s anatomy and physiology, physiotherapists can help you restore your vitality.  They can develop an exercise program based on your physical assessment.

Moreover, if you are an athlete who wants to improve your game, you can use physiotherapy and sports injury clinic Dubai services to bring your performance to the next level.

You feel body pain all over

One of the most common complaints among adults is body pain. Whether it is pain on your back, neck, shoulders, legs, or ankles, you would benefit from seeing a physiotherapist.

Physiotherapists are specialized in handling musculoskeletal problems. If you want to be free of body pain, a quick visit to your physiotherapist would help. Depending on your condition, your physiotherapist may prescribe massage, exercise, joint mobilization, muscle stretching and strengthening, lower back pain treatment, and more.

You are stressed out

Stress is a normal thing, but too much of it can lead to emotional, mental, and physical problems. If you are feeling stressed, your physiotherapist can help you relax. Aside from deep tissue massage, physiotherapists are experts in relaxation massage. This helps you feel de-stressed, refreshed, and energized.

Your physical injury recovery is taking too long

When you need to recover from a physical injury such as a fracture or sprain, physiotherapists can help you shorten the healing process. A physiotherapist is highly trained to help you perform exercises to promote healing. They can also use various physiotherapy techniques such as massage and manual lymphatic drainage to boost the immune system.

Moreover, physiotherapy is a popular medical intervention that is perfect for post-surgical and injury rehabilitation. So, if you are feeling that you are not healing fast enough, you need to call a physiotherapist.

Getting the right physiotherapy services

You don’t need to feel ill to visit a physiotherapist. You can become healthier and feel better through physiotherapy.

If you want to learn more, get in touch with Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center. They have some of the best physical therapists in Dubai who provide a wide range of services such as manual therapy, osteopathy, manual lymphatic drainage, sciatica treatment, and more. Give them a call today!