Should I See a Podiatrist or Physiotherapist for Foot Pain

Should I See a Podiatrist or Physiotherapist for Foot Pain?

Podiatrist or Physiotherapist for Foot Pain

March 21, 2023

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When it comes to injuries and various medical conditions, approaching the right specialist can contribute to the patient’s recovery. In most cases where a patient suffers from a foot injury, they may be instructed to visit a sports injury clinic to get proper treatment.

However, a visit to a podiatrist or further examination may be required if the pain or discomfort persists.

What is the difference?

The expertise of a Physiotherapist includes a wide range of health conditions and movement disorders involving the whole body. In some cases, some therapists specialize in treating certain conditions such as sports-related injuries. Once they examine a patient, they offer a range of treatment plans and management strategies including manual therapy, such sports massage, and joint mobilization, and exercise/movement therapy.

Podiatrists are also known as “foot doctors” for their expertise in assessing and managing lower leg and ankle, and foot conditions. Whether you’re experiencing pain or discomfort resulting from an injury, an existing medical condition, or other reasons, a Podiatrist will provide you with a treatment plan that is suitable to your condition.

Treatment often includes strength and mobility techniques, movement retraining, orthotic therapy, or foot physiotherapy. They can also give valuable advice on how to best manage your condition. When necessary, they may also prescribe orthotics to ease the pressure on the foot while doing day-to-day tasks.

If you’re suffering from foot pain, which specialist should you visit?

Both specialists will be able to provide a solution for your concerns regarding your foot or ankle. Generally, if your concern is focused on your lower leg, foot, or ankle, it’s best to visit a Podiatrist.

However, if you are feeling any pain or discomfort in other areas aside from your foot, it’s best to consult a Physiotherapist or Physical Therapist.


If you are experiencing pain and discomfort after a sports activity or you’d like to determine the cause of your foot or ankle pain, book an appointment with one of the specialists from Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center DMCC.

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