Reasons to Visit a Physio Even if you are Not Injured

September 27, 2020

Physiotherapists are not solely focused on the treatment of injuries. They are also experts in promoting the importance of preventative health. People who want to live an optimized physical lifestyle should visit a physiotherapy JLT clinic to help them perform at their best. A physiotherapist may be able to provide you with services to assist you in your quest for wellness. Below are some of the reasons to visit a physio even if you feel perfectly fine.    

Injury Prevention

People usually seek physiotherapy services for rehabilitation from an injury. But as they say, prevention is always preferable to cure. If you’re planning to try a new fitness routine, start a new sport, or someone who spends all week sitting behind your desk, a physiotherapist can help you understand what actions to take to minimize the chances of injury. When you visit a Dubai physiotherapy clinic for injury prevention, you will be thoroughly evaluated. You will undergo a physical assessment to identify weaknesses that may need addressing. Then, a physio can create a program to help you achieve your goals. 

Correcting Posture 

Maintaining proper posture is something people don’t pay close attention to throughout their day. But it’s an important factor to avoid injuries. When you start to feel nagging pains on your back, neck, or legs, it may be due to poor posture caused by improper ergonomics. One of the reasons to visit a physiotherapist is to develop a better awareness of your position and get advice on your work set up. Your therapist will develop an exercise program strengthening your postural muscles to alleviate postural pains and prevent further injuries. 

Massage Therapy

Physiotherapy treatment plans often incorporate deep tissue massage or sports massage to minimize discomfort and strengthen the muscles. Even without injury, people can take advantage of the benefits of deep tissue massage to reduce muscle tension, improve posture, reduce muscle pain, increase range of motion, reduce stress, and improve mental health. Deep tissue massage is used before exercise to increase the patient’s ability to perform the stretches and movements. 

Postpartum Conditioning

A woman who has recently given birth has to deal with physical side effects such as neck and shoulder aches, and lower back pain. Swelling is also a frustrating issue because of the fluid changes that come with having your baby. Seeing a physiotherapist can help strengthen areas that may have been weakened or stretched during pregnancy. It can guide new mothers to safely increase their activity levels and lose the extra weight they’ve gained. To reduce postpartum swelling, a special technique called manual lymphatic drainage massage may be recommended. 

There is much more than a physio can offer. If you want to know what services physiotherapy can provide across different aspects of your health, the experts at Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center are ready to help. They also have treatment modalities such as dry needling, trigger point treatment, therapeutic ultrasound, craniosacral therapy, and more! Book an appointment by calling +971 4 551 6126.