Physiotherapy Treatment for Neck and Back Pain

April 14, 2019

Neck and back pain are common problems in the UAE. A lot of UAE residents skip work, stay in bed, and even not being able to do their activities of daily living just because of these musculoskeletal problems. Thankfully, there are different neck and back pain treatment modalities that are now available. Chief among them is physiotherapy.

In this post, you will learn how physiotherapy can help alleviate and manage neck and back pain.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the practice of helping patients restore proper movement and bodily function. A physiotherapist focuses mainly on address musculoskeletal problems and issues. They provide diagnosis, treatment, management, and prevention of physical disabilities and injuries. It is worth noting that though physiotherapy works best on musculoskeletal problems, it can also help with neurological, nueromusculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and respiratory issues.

Physiotherapy is a scientifically-based medical practice. Physiotherapists have undergone rigid training and classroom lectures to ensure they have the right skills and knowledge to deliver safe and effective services. Since physiotherapy uses a holistic approach, physiotherapists take into consideration the whole body of the patient rather than just concentrate on the symptoms.


What is neck and back pain?

Neck and back pain, the names suggest, is the pain felt in the neck and back. Pain can be described as a shooting, stabbing, and radiating pain.

There are different causes for this type of pain. The most common would be improper posture and alignment of the body, stress, lack of exercise, and prolonged sitting or standing. There are also other serious causes of neck and back pain that need a higher level of medical intervention. In this case, patients should immediately visit their physician.

How physiotherapy helps in managing neck and back pain

Physiotherapists are trained to help patients with neck and back pain. Upon arrival at the physiotherapy clinic, the physiotherapist interviews the patient, assess physical condition and order diagnostic tests as needed.

Once a diagnosis is established, the physiotherapist discusses the situation with the patient and if the course of action is agreed upon, then the back and neck pain treatment sessions would commence.

Depending on the extent of the problem, the physiotherapy techniques employed would include massage, cold and warm therapy, range of motion exercises, joint mobilization and manipulation, muscle stretching, manual therapy, osteopathy, and manual lymphatic drainage, to name a few.

Seeking professional help

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