Physiotherapy for Tendonitis

July 20, 2020

Tendonitis is one of the many conditions treated in a Dubai physiotherapy clinic. It occurs when a tendon, a fibrous collagen tissue that attaches a muscle to a bone, becomes irritated or inflamed. It is usually caused by repetitive activities that can be related to work, hobby, or sports.

This condition commonly affects the wrist, elbow, knee, thigh, and the base of the thumb. Symptoms include pain when moving the affected area, mild swelling, tenderness, and general weakness.

Swimmers, weightlifters, and tennis players often experience shoulder tendonitis. People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis are prone to Achilles tendinitis. Patellar tendonitis or Jumper’s Knee is a problem among basketball players and those who engage in repeated jumping activities. Wrist tendonitis can happen to just about anyone who frequently uses a computer mouse, phone, and video game devices.

How physiotherapy for tendonitis works?

Physiotherapy offers effective treatment for various types of tendonitis. The goal of undergoing therapy is to reduce irritation to the tendon and safely restore the tendon’s strength and flexibility. Then, your physiotherapist will develop a tailored treatment program which may include:

Pain management
Initial remedies include icing the area and taking topical or oral pain medications to control inflammation. Adequate rest is also required to alleviate pain, as well as the restricting movement of the affected limb to allow the tendon to heal properly.

Range-of-motion exercises
These exercises are aimed at improving the movement of a specific joint. It can be assisted by gravity, a lightweight machine, or done with water. Your physiotherapist will work with you to provide an appropriate range-of-motion exercise to help your arm or leg move adequately again.

Manual therapy
Techniques such as deep soft tissue massage, gentle joint passive mobilizations, and targeted stretches may be applied. These small, passive movements allow the tissues to stretch and strengthen, reducing pain while increasing range of motion.

Strengthening exercise
It is also important to strengthen the muscles in order to recover from tendonitis. Strengthening exercises during this phase involve light resistance with increased repetition, which are also used in sports injury rehabilitation. The physiotherapist will gradually reintroduce stress to the tendon without causing re-inflammation.

Physiotherapy JLT Dubai

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