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Physiotherapy for Posture Correction

July 28, 2021

Looking better, whether you’re standing, sitting, or walking, and lower risks of neck and lower back pain are just some of the benefits of good posture. While neck, shoulder, or lower back pain is often experienced by adults, maintaining a good posture can save you from suffering from chronic back pain, osteoporosis, and more serious health issues involving the spine.

While not everyone is born with a bad posture, a person’s habit, lifestyle and daily activities may cause them to develop bad posture. For example, prolonged sitting without following basic ergonomics can cause a person to slouch and develop bad posture. Muscle weakness and joint stiffness due to lack of movement are also some of the most common reasons.

In most cases, the negative effects of having bad posture do not affect people immediately. They are felt years after and often become irreversible. Hence, health care professionals and physiotherapists have developed postural education physical therapy to aid patients who are experiencing discomfort due to bad posture.

What is posture education?

Posture education refers to the assessment of an individual’s posture when they are sitting or standing. The results of the test will help therapists determine the most ideal treatment for the patient’s condition.

If the patient’s bad posture was developed recently, therapists may recommend doing simple exercises to help strengthen the muscles and joints to promote good posture. However, for severe cases or if the patient’s posture is influenced by other medical conditions, doing postural education exercises under the supervision of a licensed physiotherapist may be more beneficial. This way, professionals can make adjustments to the exercises if they are causing pain or discomfort to the patient. Guidance from a professional also prevents injuries due to improper execution of exercises.

Other treatments such as global postural re-education are also available in some parts of Europe and America to help treat bad posture and alleviate pain caused by it. Global postural re-education, also known as GPR or RPG, was developed by Philippe Souchard, a French physiotherapist, as an innovative method for posture correction. The main goal of this method is to “align any morphological deviation in order to progressively regain body functions”.

If you’re suffering lower back pain from bad posture or experiencing discomfort caused by injury, Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center DMCC offers a range of treatment plans that are tailored to your needs. You may visit one of our clinics for a consultation or book an appointment for therapy sessions.