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Poor Leg Circulation Can Be Treated With Physiotherapy

Poor Leg Circulation

September 27, 2023

Physiotherapy for leg circulation

When you feel pain or discomfort in your leg after routine tasks and there is no injury, you might be suffering from poor leg circulation.

Circulation refers to the continuous flow of blood throughout the body, driven by the heart’s pumping action. This flow occurs in a network of blood vessels, with arteries carrying blood away from the heart and veins returning it to the heart. Muscles around veins play a role in circulating blood, aiding in the challenging task of moving blood upward from the lower body. Staying active can enhance circulation.

If you’re not familiar with the activities that can help improve your condition, you can visit a specialist to get physiotherapy for leg circulation and ask for more activities that you can do on your own. Alternatively, you can try the following activities:


Walking is a low-impact workout that can do wonders in improving one’s health. This activity is helpful in improving blood flow throughout the body, as it lowers your blood pressure and improves leg muscle contraction. Including walking, at any rate, in your daily routine can also improve your mood and physical balance.


Proper stretching of the upper and lower body promotes proper circulation of blood which supplies oxygen and nutrients to different muscles and organs.

Proper body positioning

It may seem insignificant, but the way you position your body can greatly affect the blood flow to different parts of your body, especially your legs. When sitting, get your knees slightly apart and your feet on the floor. You may also lift your legs slightly to improve circulation. If you must sit for long hours, be sure to stand or move from time to time. When sleeping or lying down, put your legs on a cushion or pillow to increase blood flow.

If you need an appointment for physical therapy for better leg circulation or you wish to determine the cause of the pain or discomfort you experience while doing certain activities, our specialists from Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center DMCC can help.

We offer a range of treatment plans that are tailored to your needs, so feel free to visit one of our clinics for a consultation or book an appointment for massages or physical therapy sessions.