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Physiotherapist, Osteopath vs Chiropractor — which one to go and when?

November 13, 2019

There are various therapists who provide lower back pain treatment and other physical therapy services. Among them are physiotherapists, osteopaths, and chiropractors. These three professions may sound like one and the same in terms of the services they offer. However, they are actually different.

When it comes to choosing which healthcare provider to hire, how would you know which is the right one? How can they benefit you? When should you get their service? In this post, let us try to answer all these questions today.

What is a physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy or manual therapy concerns itself in preventing, assessing, and managing musculoskeletal problems. For example, physiotherapists are best known for providing effective dry needling, craniosacral therapy, kinesiotaping, trigger point treatment, TENS, and sciatica treatment Dubai service. Because of this, physiotherapy extends its scope of practice to other manual therapy services as well.

However, to be more specific, physiotherapy is more likely to handle problems related to the function of muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems. They assess patient’s work, recreational life, and activities and how they contribute to their physical illness. The main treatment modalities physiotherapists use include manual therapy, exercise, and health education.


Osteopath comes from the Greek word ‘osteon,’ which means bones. What sets it apart from others is its focus on the pelvic and spinal areas. A Dubai osteopath is also an expert in diagnosing and treating problems that affect the skeletal system. Osteopathy works within the principle that all body systems are connected to each other. A problem in one biological system affects the whole body. This is why osteopaths often use a holistic approach when dealing with patients. For example, when treating herniated disc treatment, they don’t just check the spine, but also other parts of the body.


Osteopaths and chiropractors may handle the same concern, the spinal cord. However, they differ in principles. For the best chiropractor in Dubai, they believe that a lot of diseases and health problems are caused by the misalignment of the spine, which houses the spinal cord. It is through the spinal cord that neural signals travel from the brain to the peripheral nerves of the body and vice versa. When you go to a chiropractor, you will have spinal adjustments that aim to improve the alignment of your back. By doing so, it aims to help how the brain communicates with the body and thereby, improve your health.

Who do you see?

You can see a physiotherapist when you have physical injuries affecting your muscles and bones. Some athletes also hire physiotherapists to improve their performance in their sport.

For osteopaths, you can go to them if you have specific problems with your bones. Having more specialized knowledge of the skeletal system, they can provide a better therapeutic solution when handling your issue.

Finally, you can see a chiropractor if you need to improve the structure and alignment of your spinal column. They can also provide health education for you to correct your posture and body movement.

Need to know more?

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