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Physio-approved Exercises After a Tummy Tuck Surgery

September 15, 2021

post tummy tuck surgery

Nowadays, several surgeons and a physiotherapist recommend a range of treatment plans for their patients to relieve pain, as well as help to speed up their recovery, especially after invasive surgery.

While the patient may feel discomfort and have a limited range of motion after the surgery, there are several ways on how they can lessen the discomfort and help their bodies to recover faster. Some specialists may recommend manual therapy to relieve stiff muscles, giving patients immediate relief from the discomfort they are experiencing. There are also therapists who would recommend different workout programs to help restore the patient’s mobility after the surgery. However, you need to be extremely careful in doing any physical activity after the surgery. Only accept the recommendations of a licensed therapist to avoid overworking, which may lead to further injury.

If you are experiencing any discomfort, you may book an appointment with licensed clinics and professionals for post-surgery physiotherapy. However, if your body candles a little workout, you may talk to specialists to ask for recommendations and guidance on post tummy tuck surgery exercises that you can try.


1. Walking and light lifting

Every patient reacts differently to the procedure, but in most cases, patients are more than capable of doing light exercises immediately after the surgery. Before trying anything, be sure to ask your doctor first, and always remember their recommendations on what you may and may not do. Even if you feel like everything is back to the way it was, your body may not be able to handle it.

Walking short distances or walking in place while maintaining a flexed posture is one of the best ways to start. You may also lift objects not heavier than 10 pounds, but not repetitively. Move around as much as you can immediately after the surgery is highly recommended as it promotes better blood circulation for your entire body.

2. Low Impact Aerobics

A few weeks after the surgery, you may start doing some low-impact aerobics, as well as walking longer distances and gentle swimming. Keeping yourself active will not only help relieve stress physically and psychologically but also helps your body recover faster by improving blood circulation. Some specialists also recommend combining physiotherapy and exercises for better results.

3. Weight exercises and tonic exercises

A few months after the surgery, you may start doing more challenging exercises. Start lifting heavier weights and try some toning exercises to improve your overall form. If you had a tummy tuck for aesthetic purposes, it is highly recommended that you do some exercises to tone your arms and legs to compliment your slim stomach.

Whether you are feeling any discomfort after surgery or you want to find a way to recover faster, Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center DMCC can provide you with a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs, considering the possible causes of your discomfort and other medical conditions.