Physical Therapy for Neck Pain Relief

December 24, 2019

One of the best ways to relieve neck pain is through physical therapy Dubai services. However, the specific methods, approaches, courses of action, and duration of treatment would depend on the condition of the patient. In this post, let us take a look at how physical therapy could provide safe, effective, and reliable acute and chronic neck pain relief.

Physical therapy goals for neck pain. The main goals of physical therapy are to:

  • Reduce pain
  • Alleviate stiffness
  • Improve the range of motion of the head and neck
  • Strengthen neck muscles and supporting anatomical structures
  • Improve knowledge of patient on how to manage and prevent neck pain

Even if physical therapy couldn’t completely eliminate pain, it can at least improve the overall condition and function of the patient. There are at least two types of physical therapy that could be used as a neck pain treatment: passive physical therapy and active physical therapy.

Passive physical therapy

Passive physical therapy is used to reduce pain and stiffness of the neck. In this treatment, the patient stays passive and simply let the therapists perform the procedure. Between passive and active physical therapy, it is the former that is used first during the treatment.

There are various types of passive physical therapy, these include:

  • Ice and heat therapy – cold compress is known to decrease swelling and pain while warm compress improves blood flow and relaxes stiff muscles. In most cases, ice and heat therapy are performed alternatively.
  • Massage therapy – massage relaxes the muscles and encourages better blood flow to the neck. When treating neck pain, therapists will also massage the surrounding and adjacent areas.
  • Ultrasound – ultrasound is used to deliver high-energy soundwaves to the neck muscle and tissue. This aims to reduce pain and relax muscles.
  • Electrotherapy – with the use of mild electrical current, the therapists help in decreasing pain signals, promoting muscle healing, and stimulating muscle contractions.

Active physical therapy

When the stiffness of the neck and pain is reduced, then active physical therapy can start. The main goal of this treatment is to strengthen and improve the flexibility of the neck. Moreover, other causes of neck pain are also checked. For example, a herniated disc may produce neck pain and this should also be considered during the treatment session.

In active physical therapy, the patient actively participates during the procedure. To give you an idea of active physical therapy, here are some of the examples to consider:

  • Neck exercises and stretching – these exercises are prescribed to strengthen the muscles in and around the neck.
  • Core and back strengthening – the core and back muscles help in promoting a good posture. Strengthening these muscles would also help in eliminating neck pain.
  • Aerobic exercise – this type of exercise improves the health of the lungs and heart while keeping the neck engaged.
  • Aquatic exercise therapy – exercises done in water are a great way to exercise the neck and spine without exerting too much pressure. If pain is unbearable, but exercise is required, then aquatic exercise might be needed.

How effective is physical therapy?

Current studies and major research have found that physical therapy help in reducing neck pain, improve muscle strength, and prevent further injury. This is evidenced by thousands of people reporting immediate and long-term relief after receiving physical therapy treatment. The effectiveness of physical therapy is even further increased when it extends with other modes of treatment.

For example, frozen shoulder treatment is used as well if the origin of neck pain comes from a frozen shoulder. Physical therapists know very well that sometimes the cause of the pain is outside of the neck and thus, treatment extends beyond the neck.

Finding the right physical therapists

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