Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Dubai – What to Expect

April 20, 2020

Your lymph plays a huge role in keeping your immune system working properly. This colorless fluid, which is carried through the bloodstream, transports nutrients and oxygen to cells. But its main function is to collect toxins and flush them out through the lymph nodes.

But unlike blood that is pumped around by the heart, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump. Instead, it relies on the movement of the blood vessels and muscles in order to travel throughout the body. This is why getting a lymphatic drainage massage every now and then is a must for good health.

How Lymphatic Drainage Massage Is Done

Unlike the usual body massage, lymphatic drainage massage uses very light pressure and long, gentle, rhythmic strokes. The technique aims to move stagnant, toxin-filled lymph towards organs that can properly flush them out. Or, simply direct it back to the natural lymph flow of the body.

It is important to book your session with a licensed physical therapist when getting a lymphatic drainage massage for proper treatment. During your first session, you will be asked to disclose a thorough medical history to determine if the treatment is right and safe for you.

The massage will take place in a heated room to increase lymphatic flow. You will be asked to drink plenty of water before and after the session to prevent dehydration. The physiotherapist will most likely work her way up from your feet. Expect for rhythmic strokes and soft pumping movements near areas of the lymph nodes. The experience offers relaxation in general. But it can also leave you feeling exhausted. So it’s best to take it easy for the rest of the day. You can prolong the therapeutic effects of the massage by drinking plenty of water and being more active. You need to get those muscles moving to keep lymph flowing.

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A lot more people go through lymphatic drainage manual therapy than you think. The treatment can be combined with several wellness routines due to its therapeutic and detoxification benefits. It is even offered in spas to manage seasonal allergies and jet lag.

Important benefits of lymphatic drainage massage:

  • It can strengthen the immune system and reduce your risk of contracting viruses. It helps your body fight off infection, and speed up healing and recovery from illness.
  • It can reduce water retention, and help those experiencing swollen feet or fingers due to prolonged inactivity.
  • It can improve your metabolic rate and help you burn calories more efficiently, for a more healthy weight loss.
  • It can enhance your skin texture by giving you clean pores, reducing cellulite, reducing puffiness, and speeding up healing of scar tissues.
  • It can benefit people who are experiencing fatigue, insomnia, stress, arthritis, migraine episodes, orthopedic injuries, and more!

Dubai Physiotherapy Center

If you are feeling bloated or sluggish, suffering from acne, or complaining of minor pains, there’s a chance your lymphatic system isn’t functioning properly. Talk to the experts at Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center so they can discuss how lymphatic drainage massage can help. They are one of the top clinics in the city to offer manual lymphatic drainage massage. Call +971 4 551 6126 for any inquiries or visit their website to schedule a session today!