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Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Athletes and Sports Recovery

June 28, 2023

runner on a track field

Since athletes perform a lot of physically demanding activities, they are more prone to over-exertion and injury. Depending on the severity of the injury, athletes may need to undergo surgery and sports physiotherapy to help them recover from their injury and return to their respective sports.

Aside from sports massage physical therapy, those who work closely with athletes in maintaining their physique and well-being also look into other methods that will be helpful for them. For example, manual lymphatic drainage massage is often recommended to athletes who are undergoing post-surgery recovery.

How can lymphatic drainage massage help athletes recover?

  • Alleviates pain and discomfort

Lymphatic drainage massage is known to improve lymphatic circulation. This type of massage is utilized to reduce pain and discomfort, as well as improve the patient’s range of motion.

  • Improve range of motion

Injuries or surgeries can negatively affect the athlete’s body, making it difficult to perform certain movements required in their specific sports events. To help them regain and improve their range of motion, the best physiotherapist in Dubai often recommends lymphatic drainage massage. This also helps them recover faster and move better, allowing athletes to return to play as soon as possible.

  • Helps prevent further injuries

As mentioned above, manual lymphatic drainage massage helps improve the range of motion. Increasing the strength of an individual’s muscles, ligaments, and joints lessens the stress on certain body parts used to perform specific movements for sports. In most cases, trainers also help athletes to correct their posture and habits in order to execute movements without the risk of injury.

Whether you suspect that you sustained an injury after performing a sports activity, you’re feeling pain or discomfort on a specific body part, or you’d like to book an appointment for lymphatic drainage massage, feel free to contact our specialists from Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center DMCC. We offer a range of treatment plans that are tailored to your specific requirements. You can visit one of our clinics for a consultation or book an appointment for a sports mèassage, lymphatic drainage massage, or therapy sessions.