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How to Avoid Heel Pain with Custom Orthotics

June 11, 2023

woman holding her foot in pain

Men and women who play sports or are physically active usually experience heel pain. If the pain becomes unbearable or your condition doesn’t improve after a few days of rest, visit a doctor or physiotherapist to determine the cause of the pain. Depending on the result of your examination, the doctor or specialist may recommend a treatment plan or equipment to aid your recovery.

If you are suffering from chronic heel pain, your doctor might recommend that you start using orthotics. These are shoe inserts that can be customized to your specific requirements to make sure they provide optimal support for your foot. Here are some ways how you can prevent heel pain, especially if you are doing physical activities that put pressure on your feet.

Get the Right Orthotics

If you are physically active and you suffer from chronic heel pain, especially during or after physical activities, consider making an appointment to get customized foot orthotics Dubai.

It might seem unnecessary if the pain is tolerable, but leaving the pain untreated might lead to more severe injuries. You may use store-bought orthotics, but they might not be as effective as customized ones which are designed for your specific needs. Getting the right foot support relieves the stress on your ligaments and supports your arches to reduce tension and prevent damage. Since orthotics Dubai corrects misalignments, you may notice increased endurance, improved mobility, and a significant decrease in pain.

Wear Proper Footwear

In most cases, shoes and footwear are specifically designed for different sports or physical activities. Wearing the right footwear for your chosen activity helps ensure that your feet are getting the support they need when performing certain movements. This specific footwear also provides more comfort, allowing you to enjoy the activities you love while reducing the risk of injury.

Do Stretching Activities

Stretching and massaging the soles of your feet before and after doing physically demanding activities helps a lot in reducing heel pain and discomfort.

Improve Lifestyle

Your eating habits and routines can significantly impact your health. As much as possible, eat a balanced diet and avoid eating food items that might damage your muscles, ligaments, and joints in the long run. You also need to be careful when doing certain activities that put a lot of pressure on your feet. When possible, seek the guidance of a physical therapist if you feel unusual pains when performing certain movements.

If you are experiencing unusual pain or discomfort on your heels or feet after working out or you wish to consult with a specialist about foot injury prevention using orthotics, you may visit Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center DMCC.

We offer a range of treatment plans that are tailored to your needs. Feel free to visit one of our clinics for a consultation or book an appointment for a sports massage or therapy session.