How Important is Return to Play Program? | Physiotherapy in JLT

How Important is Return to Play Program?

September 19, 2021

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Studies have proven that anyone who is active in sports play and other physical activities has been injured at least once. While most people only suffer from minor injuries and are able to recover in just a few days, there are also unfortunate ones who suffer from major injuries that prevent them from playing or doing strenuous physical activities for some time. Depending on the severity of the injury, the patient may require medical attention and post-surgery physiotherapy to help them recover from their injury.

No matter what type of injury or sickness you are recovering from, there are certain measures that you have to follow before returning to your routine or sport. Seeing specialists determine your current limitations and getting physiotherapy in JLT is very important as it will help you understand your condition and what you can do to help yourself recover faster.

Returning to play after suffering from an injury or infection, while not always an option to everyone, is more complicated than it sounds. Aside from the athlete’s physical condition, specialists must also look into their psychological condition and overall well-being. This helps prevent further injury caused by a lack of knowledge and or intervention from a licensed professional.

Here are some reasons why return to play program is important:

  1. Addressing the pain

Whether you play sports professionally or for fun, you need to follow a certain treatment program to help you recover from an injury. Most physiotherapists create tailored recovery and treatment programs for each patient based on the severity of their injury and what activities their bodies can handle at the moment. If you are experiencing any kind of pain and discomfort, it’s best to inform your doctors immediately so they can adjust your treatment plan to reduce the swelling and pain.

  1. Recovering range of motion

Once you are no longer feeling any discomfort or pain from your injury, your specialist may suggest combining manual therapy with some exercises to help you recover your range of motion (ROM). After the surgery or suffering from an injury, your body’s range of motion may become limited as muscles tend to stiffen when they are not used often. Doing light exercises while recovering and slowly increasing its intensity over time can help restore everyone’s ideal functions.

  1. Preventing injuries

Following the recommended return to play program is important in preventing injuries in the future. Instead of pressuring the athlete/person to recover more quickly, experienced specialists often focus on helping their patients recover from the injury and at the same time help them develop healthier habits to avoid injuries in the future.

Whether you’re feeling any discomfort in the injured part or you feel that your range of motion has been reduced, you may always seek the help of a physiotherapist for a proper diagnosis. Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center DMCC offers a range of treatment plans that are best suited to the specific needs of our clients. You may visit our clinic for consultation or book an appointment for joint manipulation.