Frequently Asked Questions on Shoulder Pains

February 6, 2020

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If you are suffering from shoulder pain, you probably have a lot of questions in mind. To save you from trouble and ensure you get shoulder pain relief as soon as possible, here are some frequently asked questions on shoulder pain and the right answers.

What is shoulder pain?

The shoulder has a versatile and wide range of motion. As a ball and socket joint, the shoulder comes with three main bones including the humerus, clavicle, and scapula. Shoulder pain happens when pain is felt anywhere in the shoulder’s anatomical parts, which also include the cartilage, tendon, muscles, and nerves.

Pain can be described as sharp or dull and can last for a few days to a few months, making it acute or chronic shoulder pain.

What causes shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain happens when there’s an injury, abnormality, or disease that affect the shoulder. These problems may arise from various conditions such as the following:

  • Shoulder dislocation – happens when the shoulder is out of the right position.
  • Shoulder trauma – shoulder is hit by blunt objects.
  • Tendonitis – inflammation of the tendon.
  • Bursitis – inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs found between bones, tendons, and joints.
  • A tear within the shoulder joint
  • Frozen shoulder – characterized by pain and stiffness that may last for more than a year.
  • Osteoarthritis – happens when the cartilage between bones wears down, exposing bones to grating each other.
  • Muscle soreness or strain
  • Ligament sprain

Shoulder pain may also occur when you perform frequent repetitive movements with your shoulders, or you hold your arm in almost the same position for a long period of time. Improper posture, wrong sleeping position, and sudden forceful movement may also cause shoulder pain.

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What are the symptoms of shoulder pain?

A shoulder pain restricts your movement. Because of pain, you might not be able to move your arm to its full extent. This leads to trouble in doing activities of daily life such as lifting objects, dressing, taking a bath, and others.

Other signs and symptoms may also include visible inflammation, redness, swelling, numbness, tingling in the arm or hand, weakness, stiffness, and others.

How can I treat shoulder pain by myself?

Most shoulder pain isn’t serious. It may even go away after a few days. In the meantime, you need to rest your shoulders to encourage healing.

You may apply a cold compress to dull the pain and decrease inflammation. Cold compress is generally recommended within the first 1-2 days. After that, you can apply a warm compress to support the healing of your shoulder. You can perform joint mobilisation exercises little by little as your healing progresses.

Who can help me treat shoulder pain?

If your shoulder pain doesn’t go away after a week or it is too painful that you can’t manage it by yourself, you can seek professional help. Some of the experts you might want to consider are Dubai physio therapists.

Physiotherapists are highly trained to use natural, safe, and effective hands-on therapeutic procedures to deal with neuromusculoskeletal problems.

If you are suffering from shoulder pain, Dubai physiotherapy service providers can help you get rid of it by helping you perform passive range of motion exercises and eventually transition to active range of motion exercises as your condition improves.

Physiotherapists are also experts in using other techniques to improve your condition. They can do proper cold and warm compresses, massage, and other therapeutic exercises.

Moreover, a trained physiotherapist can assess your level of wellness and situation. They can help you identify predisposing factors and causes that lead to shoulder pain. They can then offer health education and guide you through recovery. They don’t just manage shoulder pain, but they also help you prevent it. They may even identify your need for neck pain treatment when necessary.

Want to learn more?

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