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Dry Needling Help Athletes Recover Faster

August 15, 2021

dry needling for athletes

Years of study has proven that athletes and individuals who are fond of sports activities have suffered from a sports-related injury. Because of this, several experts have developed different kinds of treatment for different kinds of injuries. The kind of treatment often varies based on the severity of the injury. For milder cases, non-invasive treatments and therapies are offered to relieve pain and help the patients recover faster; more serious injuries may require manual therapy and treatment programs supervised by a licensed therapist, or sometimes surgery.

Over the years, dry needling has become a preferred method of treatment by many athletes when it comes to relieving pain and recovering from an injury. While it remains unknown to some people, a lot of athletes and patients in the western world (and recently in Dubai) who have suffered from a mild injury prefer this non-invasive method of treatment.

What is dry needling?

Dry needling is a method of treatment used to release knots in soft tissues called myofascial trigger points. These points are hypersensitive areas on ligaments, muscles, and tendons that often cause pain and stiffness after an injury.

During the treatment, a physical therapist or licensed specialist will insert monofilament needles into the patient’s skin to treat the underlying trigger points. This method also stimulates the healing process which helps in restoring function, as well as alleviating pain.

Is dry needling painful?

If you are experiencing pain caused by an injury, you may be wondering if booking an appointment for dry needling Dubai would be less painful than the injury itself. Dry needling is considered a pain-free treatment with no side effects.

Athletes who experience discomfort and pain after an injury often choose dry needling since the procedure usually only takes 20-30 minutes and has no side effects. Unlike other kinds of treatment, it does not require long breaks, patients are not usually required to take any medication, and it offers almost immediate pain relief.

However, if you’re suffering from severe pain from an injury, you may need to consult with a physical therapist or a licensed professional if programs including sports therapy Dubai are more suitable for your case.

No matter how mild or severe your injury is, it is always best to consult with experts on what method of treatment is most appropriate for your case. A lot of clinics offer physiotherapy Dubai Marina and other related services to help patients relieve pain from an injury and restore function.

Whether you’re feeling a little discomfort or you’re suffering from an injury after doing extreme physical activities, you may always seek the help of a medical professional for a proper diagnosis. Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center DMCC offers a range of treatment plans that are best suited to the specific needs of our clients. You may reach out to our team to book an appointment for a consultation and/or treatment.