Dry Needling for Chronic Lower Back Pain

February 17, 2019

Dry Needling

According to statistics, back pain and other musculoskeletal problems are among the top ten causes of disabilities in the UAE. For this reason, it is not surprising to see a lot of people seeking effective back pain treatment modalities. One of these popular methods is known as dry needling. So, if you are suffering from lower back pain for quite a while now, it is time for you to consider this unique therapeutic procedure.

What causes lower back pain?

There are different causes of lower back pain. However, in a  physiotherapist’s perspective, it is caused by stiff “knots” of spinal muscles and tissues. These knots harden and squeeze the muscles to the point that it restricts movement and causes pain. In most cases, pain is not only localised on the back, but it can travel to other parts of the body such as the groin, hip, abdomen, buttocks, and thigh.

What is dry needling?

If you are familiar with Dubai physiotherapy services, you might notice that dry needling is among the techniques that is used by physiotherapists. The technique involves using filiform needles and inserting them into trigger points in the body. The main goal of dry needling is to target the trigger points and de-activate them. It is worth noting that trigger points are found all over the place and when they are activated, it causes pain and discomfort. Through dry needling, the trigger points are deactivated and return to its normal condition.

How dry needling help in eliminating lower back pain?

Dry needling is growing in popularity due to its effectiveness. There are a few explanations about how dry needling help in managing back pain. One is that dry needling stimulates blood flow. With increased blood supply in the affected muscles and tissues, there will be more nutrients and oxygen delivered to the cells, which are both essential for fast healing.

Another explanation experts have is that dry needling, as a Dubai physiotherapy technique, helps in blocking pain signals. By preventing pain receptors from receiving pain chemicals and keeping it from reaching the brain, a person receives immediate relief.

What to expect during dry needling session?

As painful as it may look, the insertion of the needles is relatively painless. Every now and then, you would feel your muscle twitch as the needles reach your tissues and muscles. This twitch could feel like a cramp and it may last up to 30 seconds. Muscle soreness commonly occurs and may last up to 24 hours. As this might be the case, you will soon experience the long-term benefits of dry needling.

Seek professional help

These are just some of the things you need to know about dry needling and how it can help in alleviating lower back pain. If you want to know more about dry needling, give us a try at Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center. We have some of the best therapists who have the right knowledge, skills, and experience in dry needling. Aside from physiotherapy for lower back pain, we also provide craniosacral therapy, kinesiotaping, and trigger point treatment, to name a few. Contact us today!