Deep Tissue Sports Massage Explained

August 29, 2018

Deep Tissue Sports Massage Dubai

Sports physiotherapy Dubai is gaining widespread acceptance in the UAE. With more and more local and expats who are seeing an active lifestyle as an integral part of their lives, hence sports massage is becoming more popular.

So, at this point in time, you might be thinking, should you seek deep tissue sports massage? Does it really provide a therapeutic effect on the body? Most importantly, what are the benefits you can derive from it? If you want to know the answer to these questions, then read on.

Deep tissue massage and sports massage are technically different types of massage. Deep tissue massage, as its name suggests, focuses more on the deeper layer of skin and tissues. The “deep tissue” refers to the tissues laying on top of the muscle.

On the other hand, sports massage Dubai is a more specialized method of massage. While deep tissue massage can eliminate small tension knots, sports massage is used to get rid of big tension knots caused by muscle stiffness and lactic acid build-up. Sports massage therapists have broader and more specialized training.

Now, imagine if you combine deep tissue massage and sports massage. Think about the many benefits you can obtain from it. Some of these benefits are as follow:

  • Injury prevention – there’s a good reason why top athletes and sports teams are engaging private sports massage therapists. It is because sports massage can significantly prevent injury. For example, before a game, a therapist can “warm-up” the muscle through massage and prepare the athlete for an upcoming game.
  • Shorter recovery time – while most people do recover from injury by themselves, sports massage or manual therapy can help shorten the recuperation period. By stimulating muscle movement and increasing oxygen supply, an athlete can expect to get back to the game faster.
  • Overall body relaxation – after a grueling day of exercise most athletes would simply like to relax. Massage is not just beneficial to the muscles, but its overall relaxing effect eliminates stress and improves your mood. This in turn help in keeping both mind and body healthy.
  • Muscle development – if you need to safely increase muscle mass, you need a massage. Massage stimulates proper blood flow, thereby delivering vital oxygen and nutrients to the muscle. Studies show that people recover faster from muscle soreness and produce more mitochondria (cell’s powerhouse) compared to athletes who do not work with a massage therapist.

Sports can be physically demanding. Deep tissue and sports massage can help ease muscle stress and strain. There are more to know about sports therapy in Dubai. For this reason, you would be pleasantly surprised to discover how you can benefit from physiotherapy. Visit Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center today. They have some of the top physiotherapists who have the right knowledge, experience, and skills to deliver quality sports therapy services.