Benefits of Physiotherapy for Athletes

August 29, 2020

Sports physiotherapy is a specialized branch of physiotherapy that deals with the prevention and management of injury resulting from engaging in sports. It also promotes safe participation, rehabilitation, and training intervention in order to prevent injuries, restore function, and enhance performance in athletes of all ages. Sports physiotherapists are more popular than you think. Many works in clinic settings, training centers, and even integrate their services in sporting organizations.

Whether you’re an athlete who sustained an injury, undergoing rehabilitation or is looking for ways to stay flexible, visiting a Dubai physiotherapy clinic will help you achieve your goals. Let’s take a look at the benefits of physiotherapy for athletes:

Prevent Injury

Training for certain sports like tennis, baseball, gymnastics, or hockey, will require you to use the same group of muscles. It can lead to repetitive strain and muscle imbalances that make you susceptible to cramps, torn ligaments, and other sports-related injuries. Physiotherapy offers sports injury prevention by strengthening muscles that are underused to condition your body and tailor it to the activity being undertaken.

Injury Treatment

Engaging in sports can increase your risk for specific types of injuries such as stress fractures for distance runners, tennis elbow for racket players, or torn ACL for football players. A sports injury clinic will work with the patient for treatment of the sustained injuries through pain relief techniques, flexibility training, coordination of balance, joint positioning, strengthening exercises, progressive reconditioning, and more.

Speeds Recovery

Physiotherapy greatly contributes to sports injury rehabilitation. This is because therapists tailor rehab programs according to an athlete’s individual goals. They spend quality time with patients during one-on-one sessions and carefully monitor their progress throughout. Drawing from their vast knowledge and experience, they will use specific techniques that encourage muscles to repair faster, increase circulation, and reduce inflammation.

Promote Relaxation

It can be hard for some athletes to achieve relaxation after rounds of intense training or game, especially when they push their limits a little too far. Physiotherapy involves techniques that help relax muscular tension, as well as breathing exercises to decrease heart rate and bring oxygen into the body. Deep tissue and sports massage Dubai therapists explain are also applied to relieve muscle stiffness and help the body relax.

Improve Flexibility

There is a level of flexibility needed for each sport. A good range of motion is essential for ease of movement, making physical activities less strenuous. To achieve this, athletes need to work with a physiotherapist for stretching and range of motion exercises. Your therapist will incorporate a specific set of exercises to strengthen the muscles and joints that are of concern. Over time, it should be able to improve your range of motion.

If you want to know more about sports physiotherapy and how it can help you, reach out to the expert of Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center. They offer athletes a tailored treatment program according to their specific sports or injury. Book an appointment today by calling +971 4 551 6126.