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Benefits of a Rehabilitation Program After Surgery

June 17, 2023

Rehabilitation Program After Surgery

Surgical procedures can significantly affect one’s mobility, strength, and overall use of the body. Hence, getting a rehabilitation program, such as manual therapy, after the procedure is highly recommended to help restore or improve the patients’ mobility and strength.

Post-surgery rehabilitation can be beneficial for you. Here’s how:

Get safely back to your routine

After undergoing a surgical procedure, your body won’t be able to function in the same way as before. Whether it’s your whole body or just certain areas of the body, you will have to re-teach your body how to function. For example, if you injured your foot during a sports event or while exercising, getting foot physiotherapy will help you adjust to your new condition as you try to do your usual routine. Your therapist can also guide you on how you should perform specific movements to avoid reinjury while your body is trying to relearn certain functions.

Regain and improve mobility, function, and strength

Post-surgery rehabilitation programs are designed to restore the body’s flexibility, function, mobility, and strength. Whether you are receiving treatment from a sports injury clinic, a private sports trainer, or a therapist, you will be provided with a rehabilitation program that will strengthen different parts of the body.

As you recover, your program’s difficulty can be adjusted to improve your mobility, as well as increase the strength and flexibility of different body parts to prevent reinjury or putting too much stress on other body parts that may lead to another injury.

Faster recovery

Studies conducted over the years have proven that patients who receive post-surgery rehabilitation treatment recover faster than those who don’t. Therapists and specialists create rehabilitation programs that will promote the patient’s recovery and improve their overall condition. Aside from the rehabilitation program, you can also look up “deep tissue massage near me” for additional stress relief and relaxation after doing certain exercises.

Whether you’re recovering from surgery and require a rehabilitation program or experiencing unusual pain or discomfort after working out, feel free to visit Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center DMCC for consultation.

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