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7 Imperative Reasons to See Your Physical Therapist

May 20, 2021

Physical therapy has been proven to help people of all ages who have illnesses or injuries that limit their ability to function normally. Physical therapy includes both active and passive treatment, which refer to therapeutic exercises and modalities such as electrical stimulation and ultrasound. It’s a field of medicine that uses your body’s natural capacity to heal itself. Here are the following reasons why you should see a physical therapist: 

  • To recover from injury – Whether an injury was a result of playing sports, car accident, or fitness activities, chances are you will need physical therapy to lessen the time to full recovery. Injuries involving a muscle, joint, or ligament may cause a specific part of the body to become stiff or immobile. A licensed physiotherapist will work with you to restore strength and motion on these areas, with fewer deficits on your normal, daily, activities. You will undergo specific exercises and stretches to support healing. 
  • To recover from surgery – Life after a major surgery is not instant bliss and the success of treatment highly depends on what you do during post surgery rehabilitation. Physical therapy is often recommended following surgery not only to speed up recovery but also help you return to your daily activities pre-op. Therapists create personalized treatment goals for post-surgical patients such as improving mobility and flexibility, reducing pain, reducing scar tissue formation, and so much more.
  • Manage chronic disease – Medications may be the most essential in treating chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and lung diseases, but physical therapy can also play a role.  For instance, the right mix of strengthening and aerobic exercises can help manage blood sugar. Physical therapists use breathing exercises in managing lung diseases, complete decongestive therapy (CDT) in managing lymphedema, and mobility exercises in managing muscular dystrophy. 

  • Manage chronic pain – In some cases, chronic pain can lead to decreased activity levels and disability. Physical therapy can help lessen pain so patients can restore their activity to the highest possible levels. It works by identifying areas of weakness or stiffness that may be adding stress to the source of pain. These areas may be treated by strengthening exercises, stretching, massage, TENS, and other non-surgical pain management approaches to promote pain-free movement. 
  • Preventing injury – You don’t need an injury to occur before considering physical therapy. It should be thought of as your first line of defense. The better shape your body is in, the less susceptible you are to injury. Physical therapists determine the imbalances and risk factors that predispose individuals to injury. They address them by providing targeted exercises, including proactive strength and balance training, to keep you strong. 
  • Preventing falls – Many people don’t realize that their balance is impaired. Balance problems make it difficult for a person to maintain stable, upright positions when standing, walking, or sitting. This often leads to falls which can have serious consequences as we age. A hip fracture that can result from a fall could compromise your ability to live independently later in life. Thus, working to improve your balance with the help of a Dubai physical therapy clinic is important. 
  • Preventing surgery – Trying physical therapy before surgery is a more conservative approach in treating some conditions. This is often the case for individuals suffering from chronic pain in their shoulder, knee, or back. If physical therapy gets rid of the pain or heals you from an injury, there may be no need for an invasive back pain treatment or more expensive procedures.

Every person can have unique reasons for considering physical therapy. Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center DMCC provides a tailored treatment plan for each client to meet their specific needs, whether it’s to prepare for surgery, do better in sports, or recover from an acute injury. If you’re in Dubai typing ‘physical therapist near me’ in Google, check out the Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center DMCC for a comprehensive array of equipment and exercises. Call +971 4 551 6126 to book a consultation!