5 Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

April 6, 2021

man stretching before running

Sports participants, elite athletes, recreational exercisers, or people with demanding lifestyles and/or hobbies usually find their muscles and joints filled with tension after performing. This could lead to soreness and aches the next day if not dealt with accordingly. Sports massage is a popular option for those wanting to reduce muscular tension, discomfort, and pain. It’s a systematic manipulation of the soft tissues which utilizes deep tissue massage techniques. The only difference is, sports massage focuses on either healing a previous activity-caused injury or preventing an injury.

Therapeutic sports massage is not restricted to athletes. It aims to help the body reach peak performance levels without injury or pain. This method supports further physical exertion and considers the impact of certain activities on specific muscle groups, joints, ligaments, tendons, and soft tissue groups. It can also be used to treat a wide variety of conditions such as back pain, headaches, muscle and joint injuries, tennis elbow, repetitive strain injuries, and more. You don’t need to play sports to benefit from sports massage. Anyone who participates in regular physical exercise will see that it can do a world of good.

Reduced muscle pain

Enduring muscle aches and soreness especially if you have a training or activity coming up may not be an option. Sports massage therapy can assist in the healing improvement of damaged fibers by boosting blood circulation. It also helps in breaking up excess lactic acid and any other toxins that cause soreness so the liver can get rid of them more efficiently. This is why it is recommended to get a massage after a workout, training, or game. As you continue getting sports massages, you may also find that you’re less stiff and sore after activities than you normally would be.

Improved flexibility

When you have tense muscles and ligaments, it can restrict your body from achieving its full range of motion. Increasing elasticity and reducing restriction are some of the main benefits of sports massage. By strategically manipulating areas containing soft tissues, it relieves muscle tightness and inflammation. This enables the body to stretch farther and achieve its full range of motion. Whether you’re jumping, lifting, or running, improved flexibility can increase your performance and comfort. Going to a sports massage Dubai JLT clinic regularly, with the goal of increasing flexibility, is a great way to avoid pain and injury.

Injury prevention

Those who regularly engage in physically demanding activities or strenuous exercises sometimes can’t avoid the possibility of causing injury. Sports massage can be used to avoid straining yourself or becoming injured. The more you train and have your muscles manipulated, the more the body will learn to adapt to the conditions. As a result, there’s less likelihood of injuries occurring again. It also promotes good posture and stance for a more efficient movement of each part of your body. This can reduce the risk of postural-related injuries from happening.

Better performance

Sports massage gives support to the areas of the body worked by specific activities, exercises, or sports. For instance, it works the muscle-tendon junctions to increase range of motion and decrease the risk of injuries. The stroking movements improve circulation so you get more oxygen delivered to your muscles. The massage also stretches deep muscle tissues, releasing tension and pressure, allowing you to train harder for longer. This will prepare you physically and mentally to perform at the high level you demand from yourself.

Gorgeous young man wearing shades and holding his arms out happily while outdoors in a field

Psychological benefits

Mental stress can be just as exhausting as the physical stress that you put your body through day after day. Mental health also plays an important role in your overall sense of wellness. Fortunately, sports massage comes with all of the psychological benefits as any other massage. It promotes relaxation, facilitates better sleep quality, and stimulates the release of feel-good hormones to minimize anxiety.

Sports massage is not a brand new speciality but has been enhanced through the years by physical therapists, physiotherapists, and other medical professionals. If you visit a sports injury clinic for a sports massage, expect to experience different movements and techniques. It starts with a warm-up session that incorporates relaxation and getting ready for much deeper work. It involves compressions, rubbing, longitudinal and cross-fiber friction, as well as cupping for stimulation. Stretching and soft-tissue release are also used.

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