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What is Sports Injury Rehabilitation?

Sports injuries happen to almost anyone who engages in any physically demanding activities. In the UAE, sports injuries are common, and a lot of athletes and even non-athletes are affected by it. Thankfully, sports injury rehabilitation is readily available in any Dubai physiotherapy clinic.

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Why is Exercise Important against Lower Back Pain?

lower back pain treatment

Lower back pain is a serious problem for many UAE residents. It has caused a lot of absences from work, medical bills, and even inability to perform daily activities of living.

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Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Sports physiotherapy Dubai is gaining a widespread acceptance in the UAE. With more and more local and expats who are seeing active lifestyle as an integral part of their lives,

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The Benefits of Using Custom Orthotics

Many physiotherapy clinics in Dubai today provide custom orthotics. But, you might ask, “What are orthotics?” “Do they really work?” Most importantly, “what are their benefits?”

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Treating Chronic Lower Back Pain

Do you want to know how physiotherapy for lower back pain works? If yes, read on to learn more.

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